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How Can You Lower Your Cost of an Electric Bill?

The cost of electric bills across America is going up at a staggering pace every year. Annually, an average American has to pay almost 5 to 10 percent of their income to bear the rising cost of electricity. While it might not be possible for you to combat the issues that are making utility prices go up, you can take steps to lower the cost of your electricity cost.

Running an Energy Audit

Many utility companies offer free audits to their customers. If you are looking for ways to save the cost of electricity, you should take full advantage of such opportunities. However, if the area that you live in does not offer such auditing services, there are ways you can make an audit of your own. Running a proper audit will give you insights into where you can cut down on your energy usage.

Installing Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning during the summer will save you a lot of electricity every year. These days affordable ceiling fans that are energy efficient are pretty easy to come by for regular usage.

Install Energy Efficient Lights and Switches

Using energy-efficient lights in all rooms and timer switches is one of the easiest tricks you can follow to cut down on the amount of electricity usage. It might seem like a little thing, but choices make up for a large amount of unwanted electricity consumption at the end of the month.

Switching to LED Bulbs

Statistics show that LED bulbs take up 90 percent less energy than the usual incandescent bulbs. If you can replace all your existing incandescent bulbs with LED lights, you will be able to save up a lot of energy costs at the end of the month.

Taking Advantage of Off-Peak Rates

In many towns, municipal utility services provide electricity at a substantially low price during off-peak hours. If you wish to take advantage of those hours, make sure that you plan your chores at a time when it will not cost you much. Washing laundry, heating water, or running the dishwasher at off-peak hours can save up a lot of costs for any average citizen.

Upgrading Your Old Appliances

Old appliances, at times, can be responsible for causing a lot of redundancy in energy costs. If you own electronic devices or appliances almost a decade old, consider replacing them with energy-efficient devices that will draw less power at the source.

Turning Off Electronics That Are Not In Use

Make sure to turn off your television, computer, or stereo when you are not using these devices. Leaving them on often results in little light-consuming electricity at the power source. Therefore, it is a redundancy that you can cut down on and reduce the cost of electricity per year. Also, you can use power-saving mode for your smart devices at home when they are not being used.

Install Smart Meters at Home

Smart Meter is an efficient tool that can help you save up a lot of money. These meters can make it convenient for users to take readings of what specific habits are spiking during peak hours of the day. It will keep you on the tab with overall electricity usage.


There are many ways to lower the cost of electricity every year. As everyone has a unique way of maintaining their daily chores and tasks, a one-size-fit-for-all approach might not be suitable for everyone to lower the cost of electricity. Therefore, you must make a plan that suits your needs and convenience to reduce your cost of a utility in a substantial but effective manner without sacrificing productivity.

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