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Why Pollution Must Stop

It is a universal fact that pollution is bad for the planet. Yet, the extent of it is still unknown to many. With rapid population growth, heavy industrialization, and an increase in machinery due to the ever-growing world of technology, the planet will be in crippling conditions. 

If pollution does not stop, your everyday lives will be impacted by more diseases and deaths. Living conditions will be inhabitable, poverty will rise, and much more. 

In order to fully educate you on this topic, we are going to mention all the primary reasons why pollution must stop. We have also included some steps you can take to combat this universal problem and do your part to save the planet. We recommend reading the full article so that you have all the relevant information which can assist you in tackling pollution. 

Why Must Pollution Be Stopped?

In general terms, there is a basic idea as to why pollution can be detrimental to use. But we are going to shed more light on this below where we have mentioned the main reasons in detail. 

Great Harm To Health 

Due to toxic chemicals in the air, smog, contaminated land and water, pollution can be very concerning when it comes to your health. Sickness, heart problems, irritation in the nose, throat, and eyes, and breathing issues are all common outcomes of pollution, given that you are exposed to air pollution regularly. 

Some are at more risk of it than others, such as the older generation, children, and people who have any kind of lung or heart disease, as they all already have a compromised immune system.

In worst-case scenarios, there can be irreversible damage to all your body systems such as respiratory, immune, and reproductive systems. Air pollution can cause cancer and has also been known to cause death. 

Global Warming 

Due to greenhouse gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide, the Earth’s temperature is no longer stable. As a result, due to this imbalance, the planet is trapping more and more of the sun’s heat, causing the natural temperature of the planet to significantly rise. Global warming can have drastic effects on your health, water levels, wildlife, and much more. 

Diminished Wildlife 

For the well-being of the Earth, the presence of wildlife is as crucial as our presence and everything else. Toxic components in the soil, water, and air are destructive to animals. This can lead to diseases, lack of food, failed reproductions, etc. 

Also, increasing pollution accelerates eutrophication. This process takes place in bodies of water where highly concentrated nutrients such as nitrogen lead to the formation of algae, which can lead to the death of aquatic life and reduce wildlife diversity in general.

Although it is a natural process, emissions of nitrogen oxides from cars and other vehicles, power plants and factories, etc. increase the concentration of nitrogen in the air and water, leading to eutrophication taking place at a rate that is faster than its natural pace.

Hazardous For Developing Countries

Despite being a global issue, pollution is most negatively impactful on developing nations. As they do not have access to that many resources, they do not have the means to tackle pollution. Hence, their economic conditions, poverty, inequality, and life expectancy prevent them from making any real progress.

Depletion Of The Ozone Layer

Man-made chemicals are gradually destroying the ozone layer, the layer which is extremely significant for life on Earth as it protects the planet from the dangerous UV rays emitted by the sun.

As more UV layers are exposed to reach the planet, there will be damage to crops and forests. In addition, people’s immune systems will be weaker and there will be more cases of skin diseases.

What Steps Can You Take To Tackle Pollution?

Even the littlest of things can prevent pollution and make our environment healthier. Below we have mentioned some of the simplest things you can start doing which can diminish pollution and help save the planet. 


When you recycle bags or bottles, not only are you preserving them, but now there is also less need for their production again. Less production means less use of machinery, fewer resources used, and, in turn, less pollution. 

Plant More Trees

The more trees and plants you grow, the more oxygen is released, which is essential for Mother Nature. This can also lead to more vegetation and fruit. The air is also fresher for all the living beings all around us. As a result, the environment benefits in multiple ways.  

More trees will also decrease carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and many more air pollutants. This can also assist with combating global warming as it helps cool down the temperature.

Fans Over Air Conditioner

Air conditioners take up a lot of energy and hence expel a lot of heat which is not good for the Earth’s atmosphere. Fans, in comparison to that, are quite environmentally friendly. 

Refrain From Using Plastic

Plastics are made up of oil due to which they take many years to fully decompose. Throwing them into oceans is also very harmful to aquatic life. Instead, switch to paper bags. 

Public Transport

Public transport such as buses, trains, etc. leads to the use of fewer fuels and harmful gasses. As a result, there will be less noise and air pollution. In addition, you will also be saving a lot of money when it comes to your transport expenses as well.

Raising Awareness

The most important factor is being thoroughly educated about the matter of pollution so that you can take the correct steps toward it. Do all the things we have mentioned above and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The more people are involved, the faster the environment heals.


After reading this article, now you should know with conviction why pollution must stop. You should also be taking all the necessary steps to make earth a safe and friendly place to live in. It’s important to spread the significance of the issue and encourage others to participate in fixing the problem.

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